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We have served the oilfield industry to its fullest. Wire lining, acid jobs, pipeline repairs, boring, and diving services. Our boats can handle any oilfield job.


We provide assistance to electric companies to repair powerlines or clearing right-aways for new powerline production. Our crane boats can safely lift clients.

Coastal Restoration

We make it our responsibility to assist in marsh cleanups after natural disasters. Marsh grass and tree restoration. Our fully crewed boats can take of any tough situation.

History Overview

At 18 years old, Mr. Ronnie Thibodaux had the opportunity to drive an airboat and soon after that he fell in love with them. He started working on them, which then turned into a passion of owning his own, as well as repairing boats for customers. In 1995 after working for other companies, he decided to open his own airboat business. He started with manufacturing commerical airboats, hunting airboats, and renting airboats.

Roughly, 9 years later, he designed his first airboat with a bucket lift, this airboat was a extremely useful boat for power companies, saving them time and money on performing jobs in the wetlands. A year later, he filed for a patent and was granted a utility patent and a methods patent for doing over head work on power lines.

We are now currently manufacturing custom airboats to sale to the public. Ronnies Airboat’s Unlimited is providing a wide range of marine equipment for doing powerline work, wire line, pipeline work, grass planting, marsh cleanup, right-a-way cutting and clearing.

By using us, you can guarantee that your projects will be accomplished with time in mind. We make sure that we approach all of our projects planned within the most efficient timeline.

We enhance productivity by reducing the amount of time needed for each project.

Receive massive savings on equipment rental, due to our time efficiency and great pricing! Cost of your wetland projects are reduced because of our ability to master any terrain with our amphibious equipment.

The amount of risk per project is extremely reduced from utilizing equipment with fewer exposed moving parts. This lowers hazard exposure, making your next project a safe project.

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