AMPHIBIOUS RENTALS The best rentals to traverse wetland projects FULLY EQUIPPED AIRBOATS Our Airboats are equipped with the best tools FAST & ECO FRIENDLY The quickest way to solve a wetland problem


We have served the oilfield industry to its fullest. Wire lining, acid jobs, pipeline repairs, boring, and diving services. Our boats can handle any oilfield job.


We provide assistance to electric companies to repair powerlines or clearing right-aways for new powerline production. Our crane boats can safely lift clients.

Coastal Restoration

We make it our responsibility to assist in marsh cleanups after natural disasters. Marsh grass and tree restoration. Our fully crewed boats can take of any tough situation.

Custom Service Title

This vessel is commonly used in the Oilfield and Powerline industries and can be used for small or large scale operations.

14' - 22' Custom Airboats

These vessels are used for carrying personnel and equipment to and from job sites.

30' Crane Airboat

This vessel is used in the Oilfield and Powerline industries and can be used for small or large scale wet or dry land operations.

24' Bucket Airboat

This vessel is used in the Powerline and Tree Trimming/Clearing industries.

30' x 80' Deck Barge

This barge is used in Oilfield production services, wire lining, acid jobs, pipeline repairs, powerline, boring, and diving services.

24' Material Airboat

We used this vessel for excavations and equipment hauling.

43' Flat Boat

This vessel is a jack-of-all-trades in shallow water operations. It can tackle almost anything in inline waters.

Other Equipment

We come fully equipped with the tools to accomplish any job.

Have a difficult oilfield or powerline project in wetlands?

337 836 9631

About Us

Over 25 years experience building, servicing, and operating custom airboats. Ronnie Thibodaux offers turnkey rentals of amphibious airboats. Crewed by seasoned and knowledgeable operators. Our airboats are completely rigged with air drills, bucket hoists, backhoes, and cranes.

Whether its repairing a wellhead, digging a pipeline, transporting heavy equipment, or replacing power poles. Our patented and highly specialized airboats will get your wetland job done quickly with minimal environmental impact. Onsite our airboats make ideal, stable, and portable job platforms.

  • Pipeline Sign Installation

  • Wireline Well Service

  • Pipeline Repairs

  • Barge Moving

  • Marsh Cleanup

  • Pipeline Risers Valve Changing

  • Heavy Equipment Transports

  • Search and Rescue

  • Custom Airboat Solutions

  • Levee Repairs


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